About Calfa

The team


Chahan Vidal-Gorène

President and founder


Dr. Agnès Ouzounian

Oriental languages specialist


Boris Dupin

Data scientist


Agnès Ohanian

Armenian language specialist


Anahide Kasparian

Project management


Thomas Riccioli

IT Manager


Aliénor Decours-Perez

Edition manager


Baptiste Queuche

Head of projects


Camille Decours

Legal counsel


Ani Tanelian

Project management

And with the precious help of Laure and Charlotte Belekian, Maurice Karamanoukian, Parik Simsar, Lorraine Saujot, Juliette Martin and especially Marie-Suzanne Gorène-Chehade.



In 2014, Calfa started its first project to deliver a free, accessible, complete, online Armenian dictionary. Backed with Ambroise Calfa's French-Grabar dictionary, we gathered our skills and knowledge in mathematics, computer science, linguistics and lexicography to create an efficient, up to date and multilingual website for all Armenian-speakers. In 2017 the team launched new developements in OCR, combining Armenian dictionaries and AI technologies to integrate further the Armenian language with digital tools.


The Calfa team is specialized in Optical Character Recognition (OCR and HTR technologies) for the languages that general use softwares does not feature efficiently. In November 2016 we received the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, on the occaion of the call for projects « Armenian Language in The Digital Age », in order to develop an OCR technology for handwritten documents and Armenian manuscrits. Our team is composed by linguists and Artificial Intelligence specialists. We are developing our OCR expertise to solve institutional as well as business challenges.


The preservation and the promotion of ancient languages are key stakes in the understanding of modern languages and the study of ancient texts or former civilizations. We would like to put the new digital technologies to the service of oriental languages and of cultural heritage preservation. We are paticularly involved in favor of rare languages that have a rich heritage and should concentrate digitization efforts.

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